Sepulveda Consulting Inc. offers telecommunications policy, regulatory, and
economic advice and services to governments, regulatory authorities, and
telecommunications operators around the world.

Company president Edgardo Sepúlveda is a leading expert in the field, having advised more than forty governments and regulatory authorities in his sixteen-year telecommunications career.

His company is able to provide a broad range of services and expertise, including through partnering with some of the foremost international telecommunications and management consulting firms, legal experts, and independent consultants.

Mr. Sepúlveda has participated in numerous policy and regulatory projects around the globe, including projects financed by the World Bank, the ITU, and other multilateral and bilateral organizations.
Mr. Sepúlveda has also presented seminars and training workshops and contributed to key regulatory manuals and other publications.

Sepulveda Consulting areas of expertise

  • Sector policy and strategy

  • Universal access/universal service

  • Interconnection

  • Sector liberalization

  • Price regulation
  • Licensing

  • Unbundling

  • Dispute resolution

  • Competition policy/Antitrust

  • Costing and modelling